Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby's Name!

John and I are expecting our first baby who is due July 2nd 2010. I found out that I was pregnant two months after we got married and just two weeks after my 21st birthday. Talk about the best birthday gift ever! We actually picked out baby names while we were still engaged. We were bored one day and I pulled out my journal which had a list of baby names I've been saving for years.

For a girl, which is what we are having, we came up with Tamahra Faith. The hardest part about the name was actually trying to decide how to spell it. We wanted it to be pronounced Tam-air-ah in contrast to the classic pronunciations, Tam-ar-ah or Tam-er-ah. The spelling we came up with was actually suggested by a friend of ours from the ministry we work for. It's actually the Australian version of the name.

The root of the name is actually the Hebrew name, Tamar meaning "palm tree." It may seem strange that we are naming our daughter after a palm tree but upon further investigation, we discovered that some of the crowning qualities of this particular plant are its beauty, height and durability. Some types are even created to be able to withstand hurricane force storms. So our conclusion to the meaning and relevance of her name is that, in conjunction with her middle name, Faith, it portrays a beautiful woman who is strong and sincere in her faith and walk with God.

I know a name by no means defines who she will become but it's a starting block. If anything it portrays how John and I are growing and will need to grow through the course of this pregnancy and parenthood. This sure is going to be and incredible journey!

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